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Americans for Mike Huckabee

Americans for Mike Huckabee

“Every candidate claims to oppose amnesty, but few define amnesty the way most Americans do,” Beck said. “I applaud Gov. Huckabee for defining amnesty correctly, and for pledging to fully enforce laws that would take away the jobs and benefits magnets that draw illegal aliens here – and that keep them here.
Roy Beck
Read why Mike Huckabee is the best canidate on immigration!

Americans would rather vote for a canidate that looks like their friend and neighbor, then someone that looks like they laid them off...

Mike Huckabee can not pay for his campaign with his checkbook, as some canidates can, but Iowa has shown us that America is more interested in a candidate whom is Authentic, Consistent, Compassionate and Experienced, then one whom is a multi-millionaire.

Americans are not interested and is offended by canidates that pander to out of work American residents and run false and misleading attack ad's against other canidates...

Americans are not interested in a canidate such as Mitt Romney whose state under his watch had the 3rd worst employment rate in the country and whom flip-flops more then John Kerry... Moreover, Mitt Romney has a huge problem telling the truth about such matters as his marches with Martin Luther King Jr.

Americans are not interested in a canidate such as John McCain, who's own policies on immigration and amnesty cost legal Arizona workers over 1.4 billion dollars in 2007 in lost jobs and wages... John McCain is a republican whom joined democrat Ted Kennedy on Amnesty...
Nor a canidate such as John McCain whom has a long history of supporting these stinking free trade agreements that have taken jobs away from Florida blue collar workers and other American blue collar workers...

Americans are not interested in a canidate that talks about cutting a tax or two as tax reform; Americans wants true tax reform; the ABOLISHMENT OF THE IRS!

The only canidate whom can do this is Governor Mike Huckabee, utilizing the M.I.T., Harvard, Yale and Stanford engineered Fair Tax Initiative!
Educate yourself on the Fair Tax Initiative:
The Fair Tax...The Only Way To Abolish the IRS!...

Read the FairTax Book by Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder.

Mike Huckabee comes from the same humble roots that most of America has, he is the first Male in his fathers or his mothers family to graduate from high school or college...

Mike Huckabee understands how mainstream American is impacted by 3 dollar plus a gallon gas prices...

Mike Huckabee thinks it is no longer time for the canidate on the left or the right, middle, or whose more conservative then the other, or what have you; Mike Huckabee believes it is time for Vertical Politics...
True change must bring America upward! This is Mike Huckabee's version of CHANGE!

Americans are not interested in canidates whom have a record of selling out America on the second amendment while hypocritically claiming to support it...
such as:
1. Mitt Romney
2. Rudy Giuliani (withdrew)
3. John McCain
4. Fred Thompson (withdrew)
5. Ron Paul
6. Tom Tancredo (withdrew)

Mike Huckabee is the only canidate whom has a perfect record supporting the second amendment, the only canidate whom has a CCW and the first Governor in the United States with a CCW. Further, Mike Huckabee as of year end 2007 has the highest combined rating from the NRA A+ and the GOA A+ the two biggest pro-gun lobbyists in the country if not the world.
Mike Huckabee: Standing Tall For The Second Amendment...

Mike Huckabee on the issues
Mike Huckabee on the issues, policies, values

Help make phone calls for Mike Huckabee!

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